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Tree Trimming Tips

Oak wilt danger time continues. The expert advice is that we should not

be trimming our trees (at least without expert capabilities) from February 1 through July 1. The Board has asked Goodwin not to send tree trimming notices as a result of the drive through during this period. The consequence is that the trees will grow during that period. So, if your trees have grown lower than 8 feet above the sidewalk or 14 feet above the road, you should trim in those first couple of weeks in July. We will add a reminder that the trimming season has arrived in the summer quarterly update.

If you are new to the area, you might not have heard of Oak Wilt. It is a fungus that attacks white oaks through wounds on the tree. Live Oaks are a variety of white oak. Once a tree is infected it is guaranteed that it will kill the tree, and it also spreads from the infected tree through the interconnected roots to other trees. Section 4.10 of our Covenants covers what the board will do to prevent a possible outbreak from decimating the trees in the neighborhood.

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