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Reminder: Link for Architectural Control Committee Applications

Updated: May 2, 2023

ACC Application Link (Required for all Exterior Modification Projects)

As a reminder, all projects that modify the exterior material/appearance of your home or property (front/back/side) require ACC approval, prior to altering, adding, or removing. These requests are NOT submitted via TownSq, only by using the Online Request Form link provided above.

Please be sure to include a good email in the appropriate field and/or upload all project details and plans including a survey marking exact locations and measurements for material, specifications of brands/colors/locations for all material being removed/altered/added and etc....

The ACC will send project updates directly to the owner via email. Should they need additional information, a blue link will be included in the status update letters for owners to use for uploading requested information directly to their existing application, for the related project.

Note: After a decision letter has been emailed, owners should no longer use the blue link for the related project. A new application would need to be submitted in order for the ACC to review or consider information other than what was submitted prior to the decision letter (for related project) being emailed to the homeowner.

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